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Dairy farming requires a lot of energy, at the expense of the landowner. Community solar is the solution.

Dairy farmers not only consume a lot of energy, but they release a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

While you can’t stop cows from “emitting” the equivalent of 3.1 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide annually – although some scientists are working on this – you can support clean energy that can offset the emissions. There’s also the added bonus of cutting back on expensive operating costs.

Subscribing to a community solar energy program requires no upfront cost, no disruption to service, and can save you up to 10% on your monthly electricity bill.

Because your energy provider stays the same, there are no hidden fees or surprise energy bill increases. The 10% discount is guaranteed through a bill credit system.

So, What is Community Solar?

Community solar is similar to signing up for a popular streaming service, but with no fees to pay.

First, you provide us with your utility bills so we can assess your energy consumption. That allows us to size your subscription to your actual energy use. A year’s worth of bills is the most accurate, but we can start with fewer.

Then, you sign an agreement for a community solar program near your dairy farm. We follow all state and federal consumer and business laws that regulate community solar.

Lastly, as soon as the project is operational, you begin to save money. The subscription starts automatically with no additional steps needed from you.

The power for your dairy farm is still being provided by your utility company and you will still receive bills from them. On each bill, there will now be a line item with your bill credits – up to 100% of your dairy farm’s energy bill.

You then receive a bill from OYA for 90% of the bill credits and are guaranteed to keep 10% in savings.

How Does Community Solar for Dairy Farms Work?

Often, your dairy farm will be located near other local businesses, municipalities or households, who also subscribe to the same community solar project. What’s remaining after the 10% discount for the community is enough for us to maintain and operate the solar plant.

OYA Solar can offer discounted energy for subscribers of community solar because of three major reasons.

  1. Solar Tax Credits
    As with other energy sectors, government tax credits help keep community solar affordable. This allows us to provide you with discounted energy. Many of the tax credits have clear endpoints – so it is important to act now and sign up to cut costs on your dairy farm. There will be a point when it’s no longer feasible to offer a 10% discount.
  2. Financing
    Subscriptions to solar for dairy farms require no upfront cost from you because we take care of the community solar financing. Simply sign up to save on your dairy farming energy costs.
  3. Legislation
    We work with other industry leaders to support state-level bills facilitating community solar programs for dairy farmers. Their regulations support agricultural businesses and consumers with fair and equitable community solar subscription agreements for dairy farming.

What Are the Benefits of Subscribing to Community Solar as a Dairy Farmer?

There are four major benefits of community solar for dairy farmers:

  1. Lower your operating costs and get reduced energy bills
  2. Contribute to the local economy
  3. Empower your community
  4. Combat climate change

Through a system of bill credits, you are only charged 90%, and you continue to receive power from your utility as before. The only difference is that you are now supporting clean, renewable energy while paying less for the same service.

Subscribing to your local community solar program also adds more jobs to your area and boosts your regional economy. With the repercussions of COVID-19 still underway, making a simple switch to community solar can jumpstart an economy in need of local jobs.

We are currently developing community solar programs for dairy farmers in the following states: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico and Virginia.

If you live in any of these states, contact us to be the first to hear about a dairy farm community solar project in your area.

We Are Ready To Answer Your Questions

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