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North America's Leading Solar Development Company

Operating in the solar energy market since 2009, OYA Solar develops large-scale solar projects that brings cost-effective energy and widespread economic benefits to local communities. As a result, we choose to develop solar in challenging locations and for communities typically facing high barriers to participation.

Considered to be one of the leading solar development companies in North America, OYA Solar is focused on the needs of local stakeholders in the communities where we develop, own and operate our solar projects. We work closely with landowners, municipalities and utilities to choose a location for each project that maximizes the benefit for each stakeholder for decades to come.

Large-Scale Solar Projects by State

OYA Solar has a pipeline of more than 100+ projects across the United States and Canada. Spread throughout several States and Provinces, our active solar pipeline of projects includes large-scale ground mount and commercial rooftop onsite solar


Projects in our Pipeline


States & Provinces with Active Projects


In Development or Operation


Projects in our Pipeline


States & Provinces with Active Projects


In Development or Operation

The Process of Leasing Your Property for Solar

The Solar project development process starts by leasing your land to OYA Solar. Along with negotiating the lease terms, we work with you to select the right location on your land and plan the solar farm to minimize the impact on your day-to-day farm operations. Then, we begin our development and permitting of the site and regularly update you on certain permitting and regulatory milestones.

The day construction breaks grounds marks the beginning of an exciting time period for you, our partner. Not only is it rewarding to see the fruit of a few years of hard work come to fruition, but it also signifies decades of stable income for your future.

How Does It Work?


Choose the project location with you


Secure Municipal Approval


Obtain Environmental and Utility Permits


Construct the project


Connect to the grid


Produce solar power for 25+ years

Solar Site Lease Opportunities with OYA Solar

Community Solar Programs

Subscribe to community solar energy and reduce your energy costs up to 10%. This is a great cost-effective solution for businesses with high energy needs and non-profits such as affordable housing organizations.

Anyone who subscribes to a local community solar program reaps the same benefits as someone who has installed a solar project on their property. This is especially beneficial for low-income families, or people who have restrictions to building solar on their own home or rental property. A Community Solar subscription has:

  • No upfront costs
  • No solar panels on your property
  • Up to 10% in guaranteed energy savings

Solar Lease of Commercial Rooftops and Parking Lots

Many commercial, industrial, residential and retail buildings can generate revenue simply from leasing rooftops or parking lots for solar energy systems. You can further increase your savings by purchasing solar energy at significant savings and no upfront cost while:

  • Improving your property value
  • Taking advantage of tax incentives and abatements
  • Reducing your property’s total carbon emissions footprint
  • Enhancing your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals

Lease Your Land for a Solar Farm

OYA Solar works closely with landowners to create a long-term partnership that rests upon honesty and reliability. Not land agents or brokers, we are with you from start to finish. By leasing your land for a solar farm, you can benefit in several ways.

  • Long-term, steady income at a premium per-acre rate
  • Supporting economic growth and jobs for your neighbors
  • Generating low-cost clean energy for your local community

Three Reasons To Choose OYA Solar


OYA Solar works with local stakeholders to ensure each project meets their needs while providing local jobs and economic development within the community.


OYA Solar ensures minimal impact to farmland during construction and operation. At the end of the project’s useful life we remove the system and return the land back to the landowner.


OYA Solar partners closely with our local government officials and policy makers to implement effective and long-term renewable energy policies.

How do I cut costs on my dairy farm?


OYA Solar - Farming the Sun

OYA Solar is a solar project developer active across North America. We’re currently seeking out land for solar farm leases and commercial rooftop installations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

If I was any farmer that wanted to sign up I'd call Greg. The work he's done here ...he's been a great help.

Bruce SNew York State Farmer

OYA was upfront and clear with their intentions and what it would take to get to a finish line.

Mark H.Minnesota Landowner

OYA successfully navigated some complicated land-related issues and worked hard in everyone's interest to get our project built. I couldn't be happier that we finally got there.

David E.Minnesota Landowner

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