Solar Programs for Dairy Farmers

Dairy farmers require a lot of energy to operate their business. This can be expensive for a dairy farmer, which is why we explored new ways to cut operating costs on dairy farms. We are introducing community solar programs developed across the USA that provide local communities and businesses with clean energy and electricity-saving plans. Especially for dairy farmers, community (or shared) solar puts you at ease that everything from the land to the energy is natural, affordable, and high quality.

Community solar is a solar power plant producing electricity that is shared among many properties in your area. Sign up with a simple subscription and experience no disruption in service for your dairy farm. You will receive up to 10% off your monthly energy bill.

How does solar power for dairy farms work?

The power for your dairy farm is still being provided by your utility company and you will still receive bills from them. On each bill, there will now be a line item with your bill credits – up to 100% of your dairy farm’s energy bill. You then receive a bill from OYA for 90% of the bill credits and are guaranteed to keep 10% in savings.

How do I sign up for solar dairy farming?

Sign up for solar dairy farming with a simple subscription from OYA Solar. An OYA representative specialized in solar energy for dairy farming will be in touch with you throughout the entire process.

How Can You Cut Costs on a Dairy Farm?

Subscribe to a
Community Solar Program

With a quick and easy subscription, community solar can cut costs on your dairy farm. You also contribute to the local economy, empower your community, and combat climate change – all while saving money.

a Discount

We guarantee up to 10% in savings on your dairy farm’s energy bill credits every month. This is made possible through financing, tax credits, and legislation in New York State.

Use Energy

By taking advantage of solar energy, you reduce your reliance on unsustainable electricity and improve local air quality.

Finding Community Solar Near Your Dairy Farm

We have multiple active community solar projects in New York state and are currently seeking subscribers. Simply click on your county below and look for the local project near you, then sign up to the project.

We are currently developing community solar programs in the following states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Maine,  New Jersey,  New Mexico and Virginia. If you live in any of these states, contact us to be the first to hear about a project in your community.

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How Does Community Solar Provide Discounted Energy?

Solar Tax Credits

As with other energy sectors, government tax credits help keep community solar affordable. This allows us to provide you with discounted energy. Many of the tax credits have clear endpoints – so it is important to act now and sign up to cut costs on your dairy farm.


Subscriptions to solar for dairy farms require no upfront cost from you because we take care of the community solar financing. Simply sign up to save on your dairy farming energy costs.


We work with other industry leaders to support state-level bills facilitating community solar programs for dairy farmers. Their regulations support agricultural businesses and consumers with fair and equitable community solar subscription agreements for dairy farming.

Alternative Solar Opportunities for Dairy Farmers

You have options when it comes to using solar energy on your dairy farm.

Putting Solar Panels on your Property


You lease some of your land to us for the development of a solar project. We then provide you with a stable income up to 25 years in the future, with no upfront costs.


Putting Solar Panels on your Commercial Rooftop

You utilize the space on your commercial rooftop to generate a passive income up to 25 years into the future. We ensure that your rooftop is stable and that our solar panels are installed to maximize energy production.


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Getting Started with Community Solar

Do you want to subscribe to a community solar program? Fill out the form below or call us at 1-844-443-1870.