Commercial Solar Projects

Since 2009, OYA Solar has developed multiple, large-scale solar projects for commercial buildings and parking lots. Unlike the typical solar installation, these projects require no upfront investment from the property owner. Instead, the project serves as a source of long-term lease income or a single upfront payment.

No Upfront Cost

Earn Passive Income

Tax Incentives

Why Lease Your Property with OYA Solar?

Building owners receive a free assessment of their rooftop or parking lot before we offer a solar lease. Once we’ve determined the feasibility of the project, we’ll offer the building owners a lease to host a solar development project. We take care of everything from this point forward.

Leasing Your Rooftop
for a Solar Project

Your rooftop can be an excellent source of passive income for many years through a solar lease. Is your rooftop a candidate? Ask us to assess your rooftop for solar and our team of engineers will review it at no cost to you.


Solar Leasing
for Parking Lots

Parking lots are an untapped source of stable income, tax breaks and write-offs for property owners. When you lease your lot for solar, the solar project developer will take over the permitting and regulations all the way to operations.


Commercial Solar Project Development

A majority of our rooftop and parking lot systems are as a result of inbound requests from building owners who are interested in solar. We start by fully understanding the owner’s motivations and explaining to them the various options that are available.

Assessing the Rooftop or Parking Lot

We assess the site to size the available area, document existing obstructions and raise any red flags that may require further investigation or assessment. Much of this work can be completed remotely which helps us respond quickly. If everything looks good, then a representative from OYA Solar arranges to complete a site visit to move to the next phase of the development.

commercial solar lease

Planning the Onsite Project

We start by working with the property owner to ensure that we are respecting their needs for the space. Since we are planning a long-term relationship, we want to make sure that the system is sited appropriately, and any necessary access and clearance is preserved.

Permitting and Building Codes

We work with municipal and state/federal government authorities to ensure the solar project meets all building code regulations and environmental requirements.

Installing the Solar Panels

Once all the permitting is completed, we will mobilize for construction (which can last between one to three months). OYA Solar will manage all of the trades and ensure that any impact to the building owner is minimized.

Connecting the Solar Project to the Grid

Once construction is completed and fully commissioned by OYA, the utility will inspect the site to verify compliance with the Interconnection Requirements and Site Application. Once the verification is complete, the utility will connect the project to the local grid to generate power.

Operating the Solar Project

The power generated by the project is sent to the grid. Typically, one or more companies or households subscribe to the project and receive bill credits for their portion. Often, the utility helps to administer billing and physical delivery of the power. The system will continue to operate with minimal intervention. Generally, the operator will perform semi-annual preventative maintenance visits. The building owner has no ongoing maintenance obligations during the typical lifecycle of the project.

Operational Commercial Solar Project

Onsite Solar Benefits Commercial Properties

Real Estate

Solar is an ideal solution for large commercial real estate developers, improving property values while ensuring that they stay ahead of emissions requirements, such as local law 92 and 97 in New York city.

Manufacturing / Industrials

Solar is the perfect way to reduce operating costs and gain another source of income for these buildings with large flat rooftops and significant energy costs.


Similar to manufacturers, large distributors have the large, flat rooftop space to make solar the ideal solution to increase revenue and reduce operating costs.

Cold Storage Providers

As significant energy consumers and with large rooftop space, cold storage providers can take the largest advantage of commercial solar projects, reducing energy costs and generating a new source of stable income.

Colleges / Universities

With many buildings grouped together, colleges and universities are in a unique position to have multiple solar projects across campus. Plus, solar is an opportunity to give back to their students providing a subscription program to lower energy costs.


Even as the retail industry is facing challenging times, there is a ray of hope that will help support large shopping malls and other big box retailers. These large rooftops can support huge solar panel projects that reduce energy costs and become a source of income.

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