Lease Your Land to a Solar Company

OYA Solar offers competitive solar land leases to farmers and other landowners to develop solar projects. It is a great opportunity for landowners to generate stable income for 25+ years at a premium. With a local solar project, the community also benefits from more local jobs, discounted energy and a healthier, cleaner environment.

Long-term Steady Income

No Out-of-pocket Costs

Fallowed Land Returned

Why Lease Your Land with OYA Solar?

OYA Solar works closely with landowners to create a long-term partnership that rests upon honesty and reliability. First, we assess the suitability of the land for solar at no cost to the landowner. Next, we work up an agreement based on the landowners needs for the land and how much will be used in development. The land lease details are discussed with both landowners and their legal counsel until they are comfortable with every aspect of the agreement. In taking the time upfront to put your concerns to rest, we can set the project up for success.

Solar Farming in New York

We visited Bruce Shaw at his farm in Jefferson County to talk about his solar farm. We’re glad to see that it has helped him build his finances, along with helping the economy. We hope to see more people go solar like Shaw has!

View our portfolio of solar farm development in the USA and Canada: Solar Farm Projects


Find out if you land is qualified for a solar farm


Securing Land
Is the First Step

We always invest as much time and money as needed in order to ensure your solar land lease has a viable path to success.

Creating Long-term

We build a partnership with you that lasts the life of the solar project. From day one, the landowner is our number one priority and that does not end when the project is operational.

Leaving a Legacy
for Generations

Leave an impact for generations to come on your family and your community. Leasing your land for solar supports your family and your community through jobs, income and cleaner air.

Solar Farmland Lease

Before we consider developing a solar farm on your land, we must first assess it and see if it is suitable for solar. There are some land requirements for solar farms that we take into account, including relatively flat terrain, proximity to three-phase power lines and substations, and impact on wildlife.


Solar Landfills and Brownfields

Building solar on landfills and other brownfields is an increasingly attractive way to repurpose polluted and unusable land. When assessing a municipal landfill for development, we take into account proximity to three-phase power lines and substations before offering a lease.


How to Choose a Solar Developer?

In this video, we spoke to Lloyd Garnsey from Jefferson County, NY, about his solar project with OYA Solar. We strive to keep your best interests in mind when writing up a lease in order to help you make the right decision.

What Our Landowners Are Saying

If I was any farmer that wanted to sign up I'd call Greg. The work he's done here ...he's been a great help.

Bruce SNew York State Farmer

OYA was upfront and clear with their intentions and what it would take to get to a finish line.

Mark H.Minnesota Landowner

OYA successfully navigated some complicated land-related issues and worked hard in everyone's interest to get our project built. I couldn't be happier that we finally got there.

David E.Minnesota Landowner

What Does It Take To Lease Your Land For Solar?

Selecting Land for Solar Farming

We seek out suitable land for solar farming and do a preliminary screening for proximity to substations and three-phase power lines, among numerous other factors. Although there is a preference for cleared, level land, we find creative, smart solutions to many challenging terrains.

Unlike brokers or land agents, we only offer leases for land we are committed to develop for a solar project and have thoroughly assessed. An OYA Origination Specialist will walk through the land lease or purchase agreements with you and in some cases, does a site visit.

Planning a Solar Farm

We start by working closely with the landowner to ensure that we are respecting their needs for the property. From those discussions, we will choose the precise location of the solar project.

Then we work with the local towns and surrounding communities, along with the state or federal government authorities, to ensure the solar project meets all environmental requirements and standards.

Cutting through Red Tape

Before construction starts, we secure all necessary permits to develop solar on the chosen land. Similar to environmental planning, we work with governmental authorities to ensure we have in-hand all required non-ministerial permits. For example, a construction permit may be necessary to build a road for site access to the solar farm.

The duration of this process depends on the individual permitting bodies, but we provide ongoing updates to all our leaseholders on the status of their project.

Building a Solar Project

With permits in-hand and a green light from environmental regulations, we can move ahead with construction. We manage the construction and are available to address any concerns or questions.

Construction can take up to six months or longer, depending on the size of the solar project. During construction, the site is secured with fencing to keep the public safe and protect the site. Often, additional trees and shrubs will be planted to blend the solar farm in with the surrounding scenery if the existing foliage is not enough.

Connecting the Solar Farm to the Grid

Solar farms send power directly to the grid and become a source of power for local regions served by the same utility.

Before connecting the solar project to the grid, the utility will inspect the site to verify compliance with the Interconnection Requirements and Site Application. Once satisfied, the utility will connect the project to the local grid to generate power and the project is operation.

Producing Solar Power for Decades

When leasing your land for solar, the project sends power directly into the grid, which often becomes a community solar project with discounted energy for local businesses and residents within the utility’s service region.

The landowner has no obligations to maintain the solar farm during its lifecycle, and the system will continue to operate with minimal interventions. On a semi-annual basis, the operator will visit to perform routine maintenance of the solar farm with no impact to the farmer.

Get Started with OYA Solar

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