Save Up to 10% on Energy Costs

Community Solar Programs

Sign up and save 10% on electricity

Subscribing to a Community Solar program to receive bill credits to save 10% on your monthly electricity costs.

What is a community solar program?

You sign up to solar project in your utility area and receive bill credits for your portion of the project. Savings start automatically when the project is live.

  • Solar panels in a remote location: farmer field, landfill or large commercial rooftop
  • No upfront cost or investment and no ongoing maintenance costs
  • Support clean energy in your local community

Find a Community Solar Program Near You

We have multiple active community solar projects in New York state and are currently seeking subscribers. Simply click on your county below and look for the local project near you, then sign up to the project.

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Learn More About Community Solar

How community solar works
It is simple to get started. You sign up to the community solar and continue to receive power from your utility as before. Through a system of bill credits, you will only be charged 90% of your energy costs according to your portion of the project.
No upfront cost
Subscriptions to solar require no upfront cost from you because we take care of the community solar financing. Simply sign up to save on your energy costs.
Tax credits
As with other energy sectors, tax credits help keep community solar affordable. Many of the tax credits have clear endpoints – so it is important to act now and sign up.