Community Solar Farm in Pulaski, NY

OYA Pulaski LLC







10,500,000 kWh

7,424 tons CO2
emissions offset

Equivalent to
39,375 trees planted

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Sign Up for a Community Solar Program in Pulaski

Local businesses and residents in the same utility region can subscribe to the program and save 10% on their utility bills. Community solar is a way to benefit from solar energy without solar panel installation at your property.

Located in Pulaski, New York, this community solar farm aims to generate 7.5 MWdc of power directly to the grid. Currently, it’s open for subscriptions. Annual subscriber savings for this project is estimated at $83,393 under current VDER laws.

Learn more about community solar, and watch the video on what community solar is and how it works.

This project is owned by OYA Solar Inc.

Solar Project Timeline


  • 2020: OYA Solar begins planning the site with the landowner and local authorities
  • September 2020: OYA Solar receives municipal permits, which includes approval of the site plan
  • In Progress: Permitting and Environmental Surveys
  • Upcoming: Construction & connecting the project to the grid.

Expected Operational Date: 2021

Status Update


Want to Subscribe?

We evaluate your energy usage over a year and then, we assign you credits matching your energy use from the solar plant. Once the solar project is operational, the credits will appear on your bill as a line item. You will then receive a second bill with a 10% discount applied. Learn more about community solar.

Subscriptions are not yet officially open for this project, but if you contact us now, we can put you on the list, or simply answer any questions you may have.

Want to Lease Your Land for Solar?

Contact us to learn more about getting a solar land lease in New York. You could earn a passive income for more than 25 years into the future, with no upfront costs.

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