Solar Farm in Orleans, NY

NYS Rte 12 CDG






897,128 kWh

420 tons
CO2 emissions offset

Equivalent to
25,000 trees planted

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Solar Lease Benefits

OYA Solar has started development on a solar farm located in Orleans, Jefferson County, and on land leased from a local landowner. Once this solar farm is active the landowner will receive payments for the next 25 years from the solar lease with OYA Solar.

The local community benefits from the solar project through a community solar program and the clean energy generated (7 MWdc) by the project and sent directly to the grid for distribution.

Subscriptions to the community solar program offer up to a 10% discount on electricity costs and are open for local businesses, government agencies, and residents in the same utility region.

You can reserve your spot now in the community solar program to receive your discounted energy when the project is online.

Learn more about solar lease opportunities and the community solar programs we offer.

Solar Project Timeline


  • 2019: OYA Solar plans site along with the landowner and the local authorities
  • In Progress: Permitting and Environmental Surveys
  • Upcoming: Construction & Connecting the project to the grid.

Expected Operational Date: 2021

Status Update


How can I subscribe to this project?

If this project is located in your utility service area, you may be able to subscribe to get power from it.


Subscribing to a solar project has no upfront costs, and saves you money on your monthly energy bills. Not to mention that you will be generating clean energy!

It is easy to sign up. Fill out the form and we will contact you to sign you up. All you need is 12 months of utility bills and we will take care of the rest.

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