Rooftop Solar Project in Essex, ON

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897,128 kWh

420 tons
CO2 emissions offset

Equivalent to
25,000 trees planted

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Rooftop Solar Solution for Essex, ON

At the time of its development, the Atlas Tube solar project was the largest rooftop PV installation in North America. Developed in partnership with for Atlas Tube in Essex, Ontario, a manufacturer of steel products, the solar project proves that solar and heavy industry can partner together for a cleaner future. The rooftop solar project currently provides 30% of Atlas’s annual energy consumption. Equally beneficial, Atlas Tube saves significantly on utility costs, allowing them to focus their finances on other aspects of the business.

Atlas Tube was one of the first corporations in North America to go solar, leading the way with their commitment to clean energy and their unique contribution to the project. Atlas provided the steel tubing for the solar project and, Polar Racking, a sister company to OYA Solar, supplied the rooftop ballasted mounting system.

Solar Project Timeline


  • 2010: OYA Solar and Atlas Tube partner to develop a 3 MW rooftop solar project
  • 2013: Installation of the solar panel project
  • 2014: Phase 1 Commissioned: 718 kW and covers nearly 120,000 ft2 of rooftop space

This project has been operational for more than eight years, and continues to provide clean energy, along with utility savings, to Atlas Tube.

Status Update


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