Lease Your Land for Solar

Solar Farming

Earn a steady income for 25+ years

It is a great opportunity for landowners to generate stable income for 25+ years at a premium.

Find out if your land qualified for a solar lease

Before we consider developing a solar farm on your land, we must first assess it and see if it is suitable for solar. There are some land requirements for solar farms that we take into account, including relatively flat terrain, proximity to three-phase power lines and substations, and impact on wildlife.

Ask Us if Your Land Qualified

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Learn More About Solar Leasing

No upfront costs

We assess your land for a solar farm at no cost to you. We look for proximity to three-phase power lines and substations among other factors.

Solar farm case study

Farmers like David and Loni Eid choose to lease their land to solar farms, so they can generate clean energy with cost-savings for the local community.

Questions to ask before leasing land

To help you know what to discuss with your solar developer, we’ve provided the top five questions you should be asking before deciding to lease your land.