Falling crop prices, unpredictable weather, costly equipment… These are all challenges faced by farmers or landowners who want to make the land work for them. It’s difficult nowadays to make money off of the land.

Yet, there are other options out there: installing solar panels on a portion of your land can help you create a steady stream of income for 25 years and support your main farm or land operation.

Why Did the Eid Family Go Solar?

Looking for Other Ways to Farm

David and Loni Eid are third-generation farmers in Montevideo, Minnesota with a 46-acre plot of available land for solar. After 40 years of working the land, they were open to exploring other sources of income and changing the use of their land.

  • Lease a portion of their land to OYA Solar to develop a community solar project
  • Produce 9.5 GWh in power annually (approximately 950 homes)
  • Provide cost-savings of $5.5 million over 25 years to an early energy subscriber

What's the process for building a solar farm?


Selecting land for the solar project.

Selecting the right site is a complex process that our team of in-house engineers does carefully. They follow all regulations to the letter, while in constant communication with the landowner.

Discussing and signing a lease.

We only offer leases for land we know is suitable for solar and can be developed. Throughout the lease signing, we are available at any time to answer any questions. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with the lease and encourage you to have it reviewed by a professional before signing.

We take care of permitting and connecting to the grid.

From the time you sign a lease until construction starts, we are busy obtaining the necessary permits to get your solar project launched. If you have questions at any time, we’re always here to answer them.

Building a solar farm.

Construction takes about three months from start to finish. Once everything’s in place, your project will be up and running with no maintenance needed.

Do you want to build a solar farm on your land?

Fill out the form to find out if your land is suitable. In one to two business days, we’ll give you a short call, collect your property information, then assess your land at no cost to you.

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