OYA Solar offers discounted energy with their subscriptions to Community Solar programs in New York State. OYA’s subscriptions are cost-effective and ideal for businesses and residentials who want to access the benefits of solar energy without investing in and maintaining a system for 25 years.

Subscribing to a Community Solar program in New York is easy and straightforward, requiring far less time and effort than installing an onsite solar panel system. It is the hassle-free way to support local solar energy and receive solar bill credits directly through your utility, saving you up to 10% on your monthly electricity costs.

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Benefits of Community Solar for Everyone

Small Business

Community Solar for Small Businesses

  1. Pay no upfront cost to earn a passive income
  2. Receive local and federal tax incentives
  3. Pay up to 10% less on your electricity monthly


Community Solar for the Commercial Sector

  1. Contribute to your local economy and environment
  2. Reduce monthly energy costs by up to 10%
  3. Receive local and federal tax incentives


Residential Community Solar

  1. Save up to 10% a month on electricity
  2. Accumulate ITC Tax Credits
  3. Increase local air quality


Community Solar for the Public Sector

  1. Help support public job creation
  2. Receive discounts on energy bills
  3. Pass on energy savings to residents

Map of Community Solar Programs in NY State

Find community solar programs in the following New York State counties: Orange, Allegany, Niagara, Jefferson, and Franklin County. Even if you don’t live in any of these New York State counties, you may be eligible for a Community Solar program with OYA Solar. Contact us to match you to a Community Solar program served by your utility.

How Does Community Solar Work?

Send us your utility bills for the last 12 months and we assess your energy usage. Then, we reserve for you bill credits up to 100% of your total energy usage from a project in your area. Savings are set at 10% for the length of your subscription.


Power is generated at our Community Solar project and sent to the local utility.


Subscribers continue to receive their utility bills but with an added line of solar bill credits.


Subscribers receive a bill from OYA for 90% of those solar bill credits and are guaranteed to keep 10% in savings.

Open for Subscription: a Community Solar Program in Constable, NY

Subscribe & Save Up to 10%

Located in Constable, Franklin County, New York, this Community Solar farm is targeted to generate 7.5 MWdc power directly to the grid. Residents and businesses in the area can sign up now to receive benefits from this local project.

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How to subscribe to a community solar program?

Residents or Small Businesses

Commercial and Public

Common Questions about Community Solar

Is Community Solar worth it?

Yes, the benefits are numerous, and there are no fees to pay when you sign up for a Community Solar project. When your subscription is activated, you receive a discount of up to 10% on your monthly electricity bill.

What is the community solar business model?

The Community Solar business model started from the vision that everyone should have access to solar, regardless of income or property status. When someone subscribes to a Community Solar project, they are accessing the benefits of the clean energy generated at that site. OYA Solar’s community business model is a Developer-Owned Model because it holds the responsibility of developing, building, operating, and subscribing individuals and businesses to the project.

How many people can share a single solar project?

Community Solar projects cannot exceed 5 MW, and one subscriber cannot exceed more than 40% of the project capacity. Hundreds to thousands of individuals and businesses can subscribe to a single project; it primarily depends on how much energy each subscriber consumes on an annual basis.

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