Energy Bill Savings with No Upfront Investment

Commercial Solar Makes Sustainability Easy

Community Solar gives businesses and other community organizations the choice of renewable energy, even if they don’t have the capacity to install solar panels. Instead, a large-scale solar project is located on a field, landfill or other unusable space. Then, the electricity enters the grid through the local utility and is distributed to subscribers.

  • 10% savings on your electricity bills. Just by subscribing to a Community Solar program, you will receive a 10% credit on your utility bills.
  • No upfront cost. There is no upfront cost to subscribe to a Community Solar program. Through your utility, we will pass on the energy credits on your next bill.
  • No rooftop panels or onsite installation. The energy is sourced from a large-scale solar panel installation on a field, landfill or other unusable agricultural space near you. Simply sign up for the program and receive the benefits.

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Making Community Solar Simple

What’s the decision tree for commercial solar for business?

What should be on your checklist before subscribing to a Community Solar program? For most companies, it’s the first time they’re hearing about Community Solar and need to take the time to research their options before signing up.
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Bringing Solar to Montevideo

The Difference Solar Makes in a Community
Get an inside look at one of the farms powering a community solar project and making it available for businesses everywhere.
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