Commercial Solar Projects

Rooftop solar energy systems for commercial buildings reduce your energy costs and create an additional stream of revenue from the building. We take on all responsibility for the rooftop solar system and alleviate any financial, regulatory and maintenance pressures.

Commercial and industrial buildings with a large flat roof space are ideal for solar. In our model, the solar system connects to directly to the grid, distributing the clean energy throughout your local region. You can receive discounted electricity when you participate in a community rooftop garden or enter into a direct power purchase agreement (PPA).

We Assess Your Roof’s Condition at No Cost

Before we offer to lease your rooftop for a solar system, our engineers will assess the condition of your roof for free. Our thorough on-site assessment ensures that the roof will be capable of supporting the system for the duration of its 25-year lifespan. Performance and safety are important to us.

Premium Rooftop Solar Lease Rates

Your roof is a valued source of income. We understand the worth of your space and take into account multiple factors to determine a premium annual lease rate for your space. It’s passive income for 25+ years.

Access the Benefits of Solar Rooftop Leasing

Save on Electricity

Reduce your electricity costs significantly with a power purchase agreement or community solar.

Lower Your Tax Rate

Several tax incentives exist for solar rooftop installations. Ask us for more information.

Easy to Install

We take care of installation and all related hassles, and on your schedule.

Free Maintenance

We handle maintenance for the lifespan of the solar system. It’s out of your hands.

What’s the Process of Solar Rooftop Leasing

Rooftop Solar Project in Essex, ON Atlas Tube


Installing a solar energy system on your rooftop takes a few weeks to months depending on the size.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring the performance and condition of the system throughout its lifespan is important to us.

Ongoing Maintenance

We stay on top of normal wear and tear of the system taking care of repairs promptly.

Asset Management

Our experts are responsible for everything from permitting to ongoing maintenance.

Rooftop Solar Lease Agreements Explained

Solar lease agreements provide us with the large commercial rooftop space to build a solar energy system. We own and operate the system for you and pay premium lease rates for the duration of the solar array’s lifespan. You have the choice to participate in community solar or purchase power with us for discounted electricity.

Insurance for Solar Leases

Depending on the specifics of the lease, the property owner and the solar developer will likely have requirements for insurance. As the property owner, you will need to review the extent of insurance you require, and any waivers, releases or indemnities.

Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and Attornment (SNDA)

While this can apply to any lease, not just solar leases, it does help secure financing and protects the investment. These agreements provide assurances to the solar developer that they remain in possession of the leased space in the event of a sale or any other disposition of the property owner’s interest in the building.

Rooftop Solar Lease Requirements

  1. Ownership of a large, flat rooftop that may be found on industrial and commercial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers or large retail operations.
  2. Access to the rooftop during construction and for ongoing maintenance.

Common Questions about Solar Roof

Could my roof be damaged during solar panels installation?

We rely on experienced solar contractors to install the rooftop solar. For a flat roof, it may even be possible to install without drilling into the rooftop using a ballasted system. The newer, lightweight solar mounting systems minimize the additional weight and any penetration to the rooftop.

How long are solar roof lease agreements?

The typical solar roof lease lasts from 15 to 25+ years. We prefer to sign leases that last the duration of the system lifespan of 25 years.

What roof is best for solar panels?

A large, flat rooftop without significant obstructions is ideal for a solar lease such as shopping malls, warehouses, industrial buildings and commercial buildings. The flat roof allows us to maximize the power generation through the angle and direction of the panels.

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