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OYA Solar is happy to support Beekmantown Central School District’s initiatives through the financial benefits provided by our community solar programs.

New York: 13 July 2021: – OYA Solar, a solar developer and emerging independent power producer, announced today that Beekmantown Central School District has subscribed to two of OYA Solar’s New York community solar farms, OYA State Route 122A, located in Franklin County, and OYA Ruhlmann A, located in Niagara County. The subscriptions offer the school board 10% savings on their electricity costs, which is in excess of $280,000 in total over the 25-year lifespan of the project.

Community solar is an easily accessible and low-risk option for educational institutions to access the financial, environmental, and social benefits of solar energy without affecting their current funding structures. As compared to on-site solar, community solar requires no upfront capital or resource investment and no additional capital or operating costs during the term of the contract. OYA Solar is able to provide immediate savings directly to our educational clients through monthly on-bill credits.

“We are excited to subscribe the Beekmantown Central School District (“BCSD”) to two of our projects in the NYSEG utility territory; BCSD will be the first of many school district anchor subscribers in our NY Portfolio,” says Manish Nayar, the CEO and Founder of OYA Solar. “In the face of rising operational costs, tightened budgets, and the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we are proud to be able to provide a no-cost option to allow BCSD to start receiving discounted energy this fall in time for the new school year.”

Superintendent Mannix stated, “Anytime we can save our taxpayers money and reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing green energy or green products we feel it’s a win-win-win!”

Beekmantown CDG’s subscription represents a portion of the energy available from the portfolio of community solar projects that OYA Solar is constructing under the NYSERDA NY-Sun program. The first of these projects, OYA State Route 122A, is currently under construction and will be placed in service in Q3 2021. The remaining projects in OYA Solar’s New York portfolio are expected to be placed in service between the first and fourth quarters of 2022.

These projects represent a fraction of OYA Solar’s broader 2 GWDC pipeline of community solar and utility-scale projects that will provide consumers with expanded access to the financial and environmental benefits of clean and affordable energy.

If you have any questions, please contact Janet Janzen at (416) 840-3358 x 131 or through email: media@oyasolar.com.

About OYA Solar

OYA Solar is a North American full-service solar developer committed to developing, constructing, and operating solar projects that provide clean energy and widespread economic and environmental benefits for landowners, communities, and energy customers. Founded in 2009, the company has a track record of delivering projects that provide the best-levelized cost of energy (“LCOE”) across North America. With a project development pipeline of 2 GW, OYA Solar is proud to be contributing to a better future.

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