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New York State introduced community solar energy policies in 2021 that are designed to support the adoption of solar by underserved and disadvantaged communities. How can you take advantage?

48% of New York households fall within low- to moderate-income households but are underserved by community solar programs. Yet, these households and the organizations that serve them may benefit the most from the discounts on electricity. OYA Solar offers a variety of ways to subscribe to our community solar programs that meet your needs.

What is community solar for low- to moderate-income households and services?

As a community solar provider, we offer 10% savings on electricity costs to all low- to moderate-income households and the organizations and businesses that serve them. OYA Solar also is an independent solar energy producer, which means we develop and build large solar farms in ideal locations to generate electricity. We then sign up families, businesses, and organizations to our community solar programs.

First, we take a look at your electricity bills so that we can size your subscription. We do our best to match your subscription to 100% of your electricity use. Then, we assign you to a solar farm in your utility, whether it’s NYSEG, National Grid or another utility. After you sign up, the savings will start as soon as the community solar program begins. We will let you know when you can expect to start saving.

What does it cost to sign up to a community solar program?

As a way to keep our program affordable, we charge no fees to participate or upfront costs. If a community solar provider is charging a membership fee or admin costs, they may be still legitimate but it’s best to find one of the many free providers out there.

When do my community solar savings start?

Note, the savings do not start until the community solar program is active. Many community solar providers start signing up subscribers to a solar farm before the solar farm is connected. That way, the community solar program benefits the largest group of low-income households and organizations from the very beginning.

How do I receive my community solar savings?

The community solar saving will appear directly on your electricity bill if you are with NYSEG or National Grid through an agreement with the utilities. Simply pay your bill as before and receive the benefits of community solar.

Nothing else will change with your subscription. You will continue to receive electricity from your provider and can expect the same level of service.

How can I start a community solar program?

If you pay for your own electricity, then you are eligible to get started. We offer multiple ways to subscribe so you can choose the option that suits you best.

  1. Sign up online at Start Your Subscription. The online form will walk you through all the steps. When you’re finished you will receive confirmation of your application. We will check your information to find the right project for you.
  2. Call our community solar subscription team at 1-844-987-0917 and we’ll walk you through the process. Before you call, please take a moment to find your last electricity bill.
  3. Email us at subscribe@oyasolar.com and we’ll send your instructions and a short form to fill out.
  4. Send us a letter in the mail. We can process your information faster if you include a copy of your latest electricity bill.
    144 Front St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

If you don’t pay for electricity and live in a multi-family home, the building owner or service provider can start a community solar subscription. Some buildings will start a subscription for the common areas of the building and then offer a tenant program for community solar subscription.

Our Low- to Moderate-Income Community Solar Program Members

We’ve signed up several affordable housing providers and families to our community solar programs in New York state. In several areas, we are working with local partners to reach potential members. These subscribers chose community solar because it was far easier to get started and required no upfront investment than with a solar project on their property

By becoming a community solar member, you are supporting clean energy initiatives in your state on top of the electricity savings. We believe that all communities should have the option to choose renewable energy and receive the financial and health benefits from solar.