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I believe strongly in renewable energy, and I’m proud that we power a majority of our town with renewable energy.”

Learn About the Eid Family Solar Farm: Case Study

David and Loni are third-generation farmers in Montevideo, Minnesota with a 46-acre plot of available land for solar. After 40 years of working the land, they were open to exploring other sources of income and changing the use of their land.

• Lease a portion of their land to OYA Solar to develop a community solar project

• Produce 9.5 GWh in power annually (approximately 950 homes)

• Provides cost-savings of $5.5 million over 25 years to an early energy subscriber

Benefits of a Solar Farm

Farmers like David and Loni Eid choose to lease their land to solar farms, so they can generate clean energy with cost-savings for the local community.

  • Earn stable income from solar farming
  • Let the land lie fallow
  • Create a legacy with clean energy for your community

What does it take to get started on your solar farm lease?

1. We assess your land for a solar farm at no cost to you.  We look for proximity to three-phase power lines and substations among other factors.

2. Provide the results of a land assessment to you. If it makes sense for us to invest in your land, then we offer you a land lease for a solar farm. If we cannot develop your land at the moment, it may make sense later on. We will keep you in our database and contact you if it changes.

3. Meet with you and offer a lease. Once we have a lease ready, we will meet with you to discuss it. We encourage all landowners to review the lease closely and ask us questions at any time.

4. Sign the lease. After you sign the lease, we take it on from there. Our team of experts take care of all the permitting and environmental regulations at no cost to you.

Ready to get started with a solar farm? Fill out the contact form or give us a call at 1-844-443-1870.

Watch the interview with the Eid family and get the behind-the-scenes look at solar farming.


Interested in learning more about solar farming? Take a moment a fill out the form below. One of our representatives will contact you shortly to speak with you.