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Our responsibility to the communities we serve is the core of our culture at OYA Solar. The practice extends beyond our office walls to protect both our staff and the communities where we build solar. In response to growing concerns across North America about COVID-19, we want to share the measures we are taking to limit the spread.

OYA Solar has already taken the following steps to decrease the risk of spreading the virus and we are committed to taking further precautions as the situation continues to evolve.

Limiting Travel

Effective last week, we are limiting all non-essential travel for work and recommending that anyone who has planned to vacation internationally to reschedule their time off for later in the year.

The restriction on travel means that we will not be visiting sites where we are currently developing solar projects nor will we be visiting potential new solar sites. We do not foresee any disruption to continued development of our solar projects and are hard at work ensuring that our operations continue as normal.

Employee Expectations

We are asking employees at OYA Solar who travelled outside of the country in the last two weeks to self-quarantine for two weeks at home. The same self-quarantine request applies to employees who have been exposed to someone that has been diagnosed or has symptoms of COVID-19.

We consider the work we do as critical to the fight against climate change and believe it is our mission to continue to bring responsible, local, clean energy to communities across the United States and Canada.